Know our Staff, Know Us !

1Mr. S. ShyamDirector
2Mrs. Sangeeta VermaAdministrative Head
3Mr. Priyank SharmaPrincipal
4Mr. Kamal KishorePGT- Accounts
5Mr. NareshPGT- Bio
6Mr. Mandeep AhlawatPGT- Chemistry
7Mr. Gourav BhardwajPGT- Chemistry
8Ms. SakshiPGT- Comp
9Ms. RakheePGT- Eco
10Ms. ManjuPGT- Eco
11Mr. HimanshuPGT- Eng
12Mrs. SunainaPGT- Eng
13Mrs. Ekta BawejaPGT- Eng
14Mrs. Anita SangwanPGT- Hindi
15Ms. Neeru PanchalPGT- History/Geography
16Mr. Anil KumarPGT- Maths
17Mr. JitenderPGT- Maths
18Mr. Parveen BhardwajPGT- Physics
19Mrs. SarojPGT- Physics
20Mrs. Savita DeswalPGT- Pol. Sci
21Mr. VamadevanTGT- Eng
22Mrs. Sunita ChhillarTGT- Eng
23Ms. SumanlataTGT- Eng
24Ms. Ekta BatraTGT- Hindi
25Mrs. InduTGT- Hindi
26Ms. SunitaTGT- Hindi
27Mr. Naveen ShrmaTGT- Maths
28Mr. Ishwer SinghTGT- Maths
29Ms. Roopam AsiwalTGT- Maths
30Ms. PallaviTGT- Science
31Ms. Madhu PawarTGT- Sanskrit
32Ms. Ruby RatheeTGT- Social Science
33Mrs. Pooja SharmaTGT- Social Science
34Ms. Upsana RatheeTGT- Comp
35Mrs.Kamlesh GuptaPRT
36Mrs. VandanaPRT
37Mrs. Satinder KaurPRT
38Ms. Sudesh kumariPRT
39Ms. Rita SharmaPRT
40Mrs. Savita KadyanPRT
41Mrs. Sheetal RanaPRT
42Mrs. PoonamPRT
43Ms. SarikaPRT
44Mrs. ShaktiPRT
45Ms. DeepikaPRT- Eng
46Ms. Vaishali BhatiaPRT- Eng
47Ms. Sonam SangwanPRT- EVS
48Ms. RachnaPRT- EVS
49Ms. Mamta PRT- Hindi
50Mrs. Savita SainiPRT- Maths
51Ms. Jyoti BansalPRT- Maths
52Ms. Bindu MalikPRT- Maths
53Ms. Ravina RatheePRT- Maths
54Ms. Luxmi BeniwalPRT- Sci
55Ms. PriyankaPRT- Sci
56Mr. Pawan kumarPTI
57Mr. VikasPTI
58Mr. Krishan RatheePTI
59Mr. Tinku JangraPTI
60Ms. Sumedha KhatriPTI
61Mrs. UpasanaLibrarian
62Mrs. Renu SachdevaDrawing Teacher
63Ms. NehaDrawing Teacher
64Mr. Jagdish KumarMusic Teacher
65Mr. Baiju ManuelMusic Teacher
66Mr. Vipin KumarIT
67Mr. O.P. MalikAccountant
68Ms. Monika MalikComp. Operator
69Ms. Geeta DeviFront Desk Operations
Our Sexual Harassment Policies-

As an organization, we are committed to conducting and governing ourselves with ethics, transparency and accountability and to this, we have developed governance structures, practices and procedures that ensure that ethical conduct at all levels is promoted across our value chain.
We aim to provide a
safe working environment and prohibit any form of sexual harassment. Hence, any act of sexual harassment or related retaliation against or by any associate is unacceptable.
The School has an Internal Complaints Committee at the school headquarters to specifically address any complaints of this nature.

Find more about our Sexual Harassment Committee here — Click on the link!


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